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100 Tips to Help Attorneys Develop Clients During COVID-19.

Buy these two powerful new books–they’re brand-new 2020 “Working-From-Home” editions of the best-selling Ultimate Law Firm Associate Marketing Checklist, including a new book just for Partners!

MARKETERS! Want to help teach your lawyers and #lawfirms how to continue with their #marketing and #businessdevelopment efforts while in self isolation? With these books, they can follow the straightforward steps.

LAWYERS!  Unsure of how to proceed now that you can’t have lunch with prospects, visit clients, or speak at conferences? These books will detail the specific techniques.

ADMINISTRATORS!  Here are two books that offer a simple, effective, and cost-effective way to help your entire #lawfirm at once, investing your #Marketing budget strategically.

These terrific new #marketing books are edited by Kathleen Flynn, and Lisa Vicine, packed with valuable tips and ideas from prominent legal marketers, #lawyers, and business experts like David Ackert, Dave Bruns, Timothy Corcoran, Jeffrey Cunix, Susan Freeman, Jordan Goodman, Jeffrey Horn, Roberta Montafia, Nancy Myrland, Lydia Bednerik Neal, Sue-Ella Prodonovich, Susan Seilnacht, Roy Sexton, and Sarah Tetlow.

Some testimonials:

This checklist holds all the secrets; it’s marketing nirvana!”

Nat Slavin, Principal, Wicker Park Group, Past President, LMA

“Just follow the steps to become the top-tier rainmaker in your firm. This should be a ‘best seller.’”

Ron Henry, Consultant, The Garver Group, Past President, ALA (Association of Legal Administrators)

“I have used Ross’ highly practical framework in several firms and strongly recommend it. It helps demystify marketing and achieve success.”

Nathan Darling, Chief Marketing Officer, Beveridge and Diamond, Past President, LMA

Print copies of the Partner and Associate books are available from Amazon, but while we’re “social distancing,” some marketers also like distributing pdfs, e-books, and Kindle copies (partner and associate editions).

Volume discounts:

Email me directly to receive a sizable bulk discount for your firms (10+copies) at Buy individual Kindle copies on Amazon for $14.99 each here (Associate book) and here (Partner books). Contact me with orders or questions.  Take care and stay safe, everyone. Please share this post. 

And if you know any law students whom you’d like to help land a great job after graduation, consider buying them a copy of “The Ultimate LAW STUDENT Get-A-Job Checklist“!

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