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Education is the best approach.

Let’s say you want to buy new technology, or launch a social media initiative, or overhaul your compensation system.  Or maybe you want to rebrand your firm or upgrade your website.  Perhaps you’d like to develop a firm-wide training effort  or create a pro bono program. Or just do something small like updating your forms.

There are three basic ways to persuade lawyers to approve your idea:

  • Push them into the new idea
  • Convince them everyone is doing it
  • Educate them, help them see it’s better

This video details the three approaches, recommending “Education” as the best option. It’s a one-minute excerpt from an hour-long program Ross presented recently to the LMA’s Los Angeles and Century City chapters.



Of Counsel magazine, Editor Steve Taylor:

“Want a good present to give to your associates?”

“I’ve got the ideal gift idea. Give them Ross Fishman’s The Ultimate Law Firm Associate’s Marketing Checklist, a 46-page, well-written, engaging and very practical guide—no, make that, bible—to show associates what they need to do to begin to build internal and external networks and eventually establish a book of business.

“Marketing Checklist offers associates who are early in their careers simple, real-world tips to develop their reputation among the partners at the firm, first, and for more senior associates, it provides tips on how to generate clients.”

Order copies for yourself or your associates here.