The Surprising Benefits of Photo Business Cards at Conferences.

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The Surprising Benefits of Photo Business Cards at Conferences.

I never liked lawyers who had their photos on their business cards; I always thought that it made them look like Prudential realtors.  But last week in Panama at the ASIPI conference for Latin IP lawyers, I think I changed my mind. 

At the conference, my friend, Uruguayan lawyer Martin Pittaluga, mentioned that he has two entirely different business cards, (1) a traditional card for day-to-day use, and (2) a second set of photo cards he uses exclusively for out-of-town conferences.  I learned at the ASIPI conference what a powerful tool that can be.

I presented a couple marketing sessions at the conference, whose 600 attendees were Spanish-speaking IP lawyers from Central and South America and beyond.

I met dozens of fascinating and charming Latin lawyers, some of whom attend 10-20 conferences per year, all over the world.

The ASIPI members are extraordinary networkers, and over two days I received nearly 50 business cards (see the partial stack below?).  Unfortunately, right now, looking at all these cards, I can’t remember precisely who most of them are. (Of course, I took notes on most of them, for follow-up purposes.)  It’s not that I won’t remember having met them, but rather that it’ll take me an additional step, like visiting their websites or LinkedIn profiles to see their photos, in order to do so.

However, looking at the faces on the photo cards I clearly recall every single person and our specific conversations.  Interesting.

I’m starting to realize that for savvy professionals who attend a lot of conferences, photo business cards can magnify the impact of your networking.  What do you think? 


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