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You MUST see these profile photos.

Lynn Hajek is a terrific litigator  — smart, funny, and tough  (think Elle Woods from Legally Blonde without the naiveté).

Her firm, AHL, has a high-quality Manhattan med mal defense practice.  It also has a decade-old website — sadly, it’s tired, dated, and doesn’t convey the firm’s skills. Here’s the home page:

The website doesn’t look much like 2013, but firms update their websites when it’s important to them, and I’m sure they’ll call Fishman Marketing when they’re ready for a major overhaul (right, Lynn…?)  Regardless, I’ve never seen a website with this type of head shot for the lawyer biographies.

I especially like this one, because she starts with her back to the camera.

When I first saw them, I actually clicked on each biography multiple times to watch each little animation — which speaks to how compelling I found them.


It occurred to me that there was a visual analogy to some classic Internet memes, below…


I love this firm!

Visuals and videos (c) 2013 AHL law firm and Paramount Pictures.