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Wolf Greenfield’s Awesome Intellectual Property Law Firm Holiday Card

There are a handful of law firm holiday cards I always look forward to, the ones that truly go the extra mile.  IP firm Wolf Greenfield is on that list. They always find a creative way to connect their cards to their IP practice, and this year is no exception.

Wolf Greenfield’s mailed packet simulates a Recipe Box. IMG_1733

Inside, the front of each glossy card showed actual holiday cooking recipes, while the reverse describes a fake product or technology that is connected to one of WG’s IP practices or industry groups.

For example, the card for WG’s Electrical and Computer Technologies Group discusses a technology that syncs your kids’ phones to their alphabet soup via LAN, so they can read their texts during meals.IMG_1736

Or the WG Biotech Group card that discusses a new “genetically engineered bovine-narwal chimera” (!) technology that grows handy toothpicks directly out of the holiday meatballs while they cook.


Beautifully done, as always.

With the looming retirement of long-term Director of Client Services Sara “Sally” Crocker, the next CMO has big shoes to fill.  More recipe examples are below.







And the other holiday card I received on the same day is below.

You don’t want to compare them, but you can’t really help it…