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White Castle Sliders and Law Firm Tag Lines.

One of history’s most-common law firm tag lines is “Committed to Quality” or its generic equivalent.

Committed to quality service, committed to quality representation, committed to high-quality legal this or that.

I think we can all agree that if your law firm’s tag line is truly differentiating, it shouldn’t apply equally well to White Castle burgers.  Now I’ve been a fan of Sliders since late-night college road trips, but that doesn’t mean I’d want my law firm to emulate its marketing.

I’m just suggesting that if your unique and powerful marketing theme could be used just as credibly by an organization selling greasy 2.5-inch square burgers to the 2:00 am drive-up crowd, perhaps you should take another look at how differentiating it truly is?

You know, I’m just sayin’…