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Does your law firm “Mean Business tm”?

If so … you probably don’t need the “TM.”

“We Mean Business” is another of those lazy, over-committeed, crowd-sourced, lowest-common-denominator compromises that law and other professional-services firms make when selecting a tag line.

Does “We Mean Business” help your target audience understand your unique value and differentiation? Does it help prospects feel that your firm is different?  That you offer more skill, or better service? Does it help them see that they’ll have a better overall experience at your firm than if they were to hire your closest competitors?

Probably not.

Those types of tag lines could possibly be helpful if your firm were being confused with a consumer practice, like a divorce, criminal, or personal injury firm.  Is your marketing challenge conveying to the marketplace that you represent businesses?  If not, it’s likely that those tag lines that make that point are simply a wasted opportunity to fill that important spot on your ad or website with something better. Nearly every firm represents businesses.  That’s kind of what most law firms do. 

Even “King of the Hill” cartoon mocks it for Strickland Propane.

We love “King of the Hill.”

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