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“We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Marketers” Ad.  Oops.

I love flipping through those “Super Duper Leading Best Lawyers” magazine inserts.  The sales force already sold the lawyers on the urgent need to buy a $10,000 full-page ad alongside dozens or hundreds of others, all of which are going to have group shots of lawyers in suits, and somehow convinced the lawyers that THEIR version of the same exact thing every other firm is using will get noticed and remembered.  And, in fact, it will generate new business! Wow.

Then the salesman needs to quickly find some hook or message to build the headline around. Most are either:

(1) three-word, three-sentence alliterations like “Experienced. Excellent. Enthusiastic.” or

(2) generic, e.g. “Committed to Clients.”

Once in awhile, however, you find a true gem…

One PI firm claims their results are so good that they don’t need marketing (click the image to enlarge it).

The ad’s headline:
“Marketers, No. Trial Lawyers, Yes.”

The full-page advertisement continues:

“. . . We are not in the marketing business. “We are trial attorneys who get new clients based on our results, not advertising…” [irony omitted].


Wait for it….

The ad concludes:

“Your case will also be special to us and not get lost in the. . .”

Yup, that’s all.  

Your case will . . . not get lost in the  

I’m just thinking out loud here, just spit-balling some ideas, and I hope I don’t sound too defensive, you know, as someone who’s been a full-time law firm marketing professional for almost 25 years, but perhaps a little Marketing could help them with the proofreading?

Just sayin’…



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