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Want to Tase a Lawyer?  A Stunning Client Commitment

Steve Borkan from Borkan & Scahill is a serious trial lawyer, often representing insurance companies, with a particular niche specialty defending police officers in civil rights cases and allegations of police misconduct, including improper use of Tasers.
To gain more insight into how to defend cops in the growing number of cases alleging inappropriate Taser use, he fought his way into an official police Taser-training class. At the end, he eagerly volunteered to be Tased (“Tazed”), to feel the plaintiffs’ experience. Now there’s a guy committed to serving clients.
Wanna see a lawyer brought screaming to his knees by a Taser?  Yeah, it’s just as good as it sounds.

1… 2… 3…

Below are low-res screen shots from the iPhone video shot by a fellow participant.  Click here to check out the actual video.

I know this guy.  And that’s exactly the kind of commitment I’d want from my lawyer.  If you were a cop or insurance company, can you think of one reason you wouldn’t hire him?

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  • Truth says:

    The problem is this guy is full of shit. He is a liar and was not tazed.

    • Ross Fishman says:

      No, I can unequivocally, unquestionably GUARANTEE that Steve was Tased. The video was shot at the official Chicago Police Department training class. And Steve’s not the kind of guy who’d fake it.

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