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Look, it’s not like Vancouver lawyer Mark Virgin didn’t know his last name is Virgin (imagine what his middle school years were like…).  Today, he’s a dynamic lawyer, helping stand up for the weak against the powerful.  And he built an outstanding litigation boutique to help.

For marketing purposes, when confronted with an obvious issue or obstacle, you can either pretend you don’t notice, or turn it into a positive.  And Mark Virgin, an exceptionally creative and practical litigator, agreed that it was time to leverage his most potentially powerful market asset – his name.

And by acknowledging the obvious and having the confidence to market with a wink, the firm reinforced both its expertise and culture.  If you have a strong or memorable name, it’s worth exploring to determine whether there’s a marketing message to develop.

The goal was to build big buzz around the firm’s unique name, develop significant visibility and awareness within the local legal community, then tone it down to ensure receptivity within the broader community.  We planned an aggressive, creative launch timed with a national Canadian legal conference with a trade show booth with Virgin-themed mugs as giveaways.  The Virgin booth was the talk of the entire conference; the firm received countless positive comments about the campaign. Further, the firm distributed hundreds of Virgin mugs and was asked to send Virgin mugs across Canada.

The entire campaign is online here:


“Ross and his team did a fantastic job developing our new website and ad campaign. Ross and Co. met our tight deadlines all while providing exceptional service and delivering an excellent product. Thanks again, you rock!”

Megan Hamilton, Director of Operations