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Unique Law Firm Holiday Cards: Lawyers as Superheroes and Ballerinas

I blogged last week about the unique holiday card of the delightful ballet-attired ERISA lawyers at Oakland, California’s Springer & Roberts.


I quickly received a Comment from Laura Mazza, a lawyer from Bain Mazza & Debski, who apparently knows Ms. Springer and Ms. Roberts, and assured me that they are “AMAZING lawyers and people.”

Apparently this type of fun, non-traditional card is an annual thing. In fact, Laura still had the firm’s 2013 card, and sent me the scans, below. First question — how many of last year’s law firm holiday cards do YOU still keep in your office?

I’ve heard CPAs describe ERISA lawyers as “Tax lawyers without the zany personality. “

This dynamic duo seems to be the exception.

Last year, in 2013, their holiday card showed them as “Superhero” lawyers who were “Saving the world one ERISA claim at a time.” 

springer roberts holiday card 2013

ERISA Lawyers as Wonder Woman and Catwoman

Actually, I don’t think Catwoman technically qualifies as a Superhero or a “Defender of Justice.”  (7-year-old Ross preferred Julie Newmar over what they’ve done to Catwoman since then, yikes…) but regardless you must respect the marketing commitment of anyone who will zip themselves into a pleather catsuit then send the photo to everyone they’ve ever met.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 5.51.08 PM

Their adorable Superhero children are dressed up on the back:

Springer roberts holiday card 2013 pg 2 reverse

It reminds me a bit of Robins Kaplan’s terrific Lawyer-as-Superhero ad campaign from a decade ago, below:

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 6.01.14 PM

Robins Kaplan, litigators as superheroes. KA-POW!


I wonder what Springer & Roberts does for Halloween?

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