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 The Worst Legal Industry Ad Ever?

Showing an APPALLING lack of judgment and good taste, here’s what I believe to be an old ad from the UK’s Law Society.  It’s aiming to help sell readers on the benefit of using its lawyer directory, the Solicitors’ Regional Directory, “Your Guide to Choosing a Solicitor,” rather than other then-existing media, like the Yellow Pages.

Wow.  Crazy.

Below is the first part of the text.

See, they’re using “rape” as a metaphor for “Criminal Defense.”

It’s a JOKE!  Get it?  See how clever they are?

Let’s see, how can we yuck up some of the other practice areas involving real human pain and tragedy?  Anyone got an equally funny one for Personal Injury or Divorce, perhaps?

How did this possibly make it through a committee?

This ad has been sitting on my laptop for decades – I can’t remember exactly where I originally found it. 

All images are copyrighted by the owner. 


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