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The worst law firm website group photo ever?

At Fishman Marketing, we develop a lot of law firm websites, probably 20-30 legal sites per year.   We see our job as helping the law firms:

  1. Use websites, branding, and other marketing tools to develop business, and
  2. Avoid mistakes.

Neither one is easy, but both are important.

Here’s an especially egregious example of what can happen when a law firm lets its guard down, and no one’s looking out for the mistakes.  Perhaps their website developer was more interested in cashing the check than doing the right thing.  Or maybe a strong-willed managing or marketing partner liked this photo and no one wanted to contradict him. Who knows?  There are many reasons bad marketing happens to good firms.

Maybe no one was thinking of the optics, of the subliminal message this photo conveyed to clients and prospects.

What’s wrong with this picture?

It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

Yup, here she is — a first-year associate…

What’s astonishing is that somehow, during all the inevitable rounds of approvals and revisions, no one either:

  1. Noticed, or
  2. Had the guts to object.

Now this is a terrific firm.  They’re great litigators, who handle tough, complex cases for demanding clients.

But really, guys?

Clearly the firm has an internal issue.  In fact, many litigation boutiques have difficulty with recruiting.  Diversity is a challenge for many firms, even those who sincerely try.

So the answer is – if your firm doesn’t have as much diversity as you, or your clients, might like, there are ways to not call attention to that failing.   Here, for example, I wouldn’t have recommended a group shot, or any other collection of head shots.

Everyone makes mistakes.  Try to avoid this one.

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The photos are copyrighted and owned by the law firm (c) 2013.