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The Simpsons’ Clever Courthouse Logo

I think “The Simpsons” is consistently among the funniest, most-clever shows on television.  And one of my favorite parts are the throw-away gags in the margins that target a narrow audience or demographic.  If you’re not in that group, you don’t notice that you missed it.

Here’s an example that caused me to laugh out loud, while the rest of my family looked at me like I was nuts.

In the 2013 “Dark Knight Court” episode, Bart is accused of a “crime” which he denies, and is put on trial before Springfield Elementary school’s Youth Court.  (The judge is former US Attorney General Janet Reno, and Bart later calls his well-intentioned lawyer, sister Lisa, “Gloria All-wrong.”)  My favorite little slice of genius?  A grammar school court wouldn’t have Measuring Scales balancing their third-grade Justice.

What would they have?  Obviously…

A teeter totter.

Here’s the logo:

Come on, admit it – that’s awesome.



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