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Life isn’t easy when you grow up as a Cubs fan.

I had my little 9-year-old heart broken in 1969, and things haven’t improved much in the 45 years since then.

Anyway, back in 2007, Fishman Marketing represented a terrific St Louis law firm that offered its clients a remarkable Client Service Guarantee.  We created a new brand, ad campaign, and website built around similarly implausible things, e.g. lightening striking twice, money growing on trees, pigs flying, and… the Cubs winning the World Series. See the entire marketing campaign here.

Yes, as a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, designing that ad felt a bit disloyal, you know, “Wait ’til next year!” and all that. But clients come first, and we knew the ad’s irony would play well in St Louis.  They’d get the joke in St Louis, even if the joke happened to be on us in Chicago.

Fast-forward eight years, and here we are, actually IN the playoffs.

And the Cubs are playing St Louis for the first time in MLB playoff history? Remarkable.

Of course, it’s still verrrrrrrryy early.  And when you root for the Cubs, you cross your fingers, knock on wood, carry a rabbits foot, don’t shave, and still wait for the other cleat to drop.  Because it always seems to.

Right, Bartman?

Regardless, it’s still fun while it lasts.

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