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I already complained about the Lame Law Firm Holiday Cards, and vowed not to create another competition for the best law firm holiday/Christmas cards; I’ll leave that to the Above The Lawguys.I promised to show a nice selection, including some favorites. Here are ten good choices (12 actually), from the US, UK, Canada, Luxembourg, Eastern Europe, and Australia. They show that you can be creative and effective without spending a fortune:

Holy crap. A little bit country? A little bit rock and roll? I always love Procter Heyman’s annual e-cards. Are those their lawyers dressed up like KISS and country singers? I wanna party with these guys — Kurt, call me.

Another perennial holiday-card favorite, Haynes & Boone, did it right again this year.  Wow.  This is the third straight year they played off of their business cards, which can be risky if it looks commercial rather than magical.  Yet again, it’s beautifully done and actually worth watching.  Kudos to Kathy Gutierrez.

Canada’s Stewart McKelvey’s clever card shows that with enough creativity,  you don’t have to spend a fortune on pricey animation:

Edmonton’s Tracy Scanks sent me this one, “The making of a McLennan Ross lawyer.”  Simple but cute.

Here’s another cute…
Oh, wait, those are MY kids:

I always like how Tammy Mangan at Sterne Kessler blends their IP message into their holiday cards, without being too salesy. “The Elements of the Season…”

Here’s an inexpensive animation and a cute way to use skyline imagery to reinforce the Maryland message.  From Denise Dewling at Tydings & Rosenberg:  

My friends at Luxembourg’s Oostvogels et al. (now OPF Partners) sent me this one, which looks like it should come with red/blue 3D glasses.  Click the home page video:  

Thanks to my friend Penny Egel for sending me Troutman Sanderscute animation, which uses its signature globe. I’m not sure why the blue water is so chunky, but anything with penguins…:

London’s Howard Kennedy’s e-card is very simple, but still conveys the holiday sentiment without being cheesy or cliched. Thanks to Michael Chapelow:

Janis Nordstrom sent me her card from “Central and SE Europe’s” Wolf Theiss, which always finds a way to showcase their global offices along with the holiday message, here with slightly animated postcards and a half-dozen different languages:

Australia’s Marsdens firm has a nice, simple design, no animation, just a simple “Merry Christmas.”  But I wish they hadn’t included a link to their “great testimonials.”  We should stay VERY far away from commercial messages in holiday cards:

We always expect nice creativity from Fenwick & West’s Rob Kahn, who does a nice job with their whiteboard card:


All in all, not a bad selection.

All images copyrighted by the respective law firms.