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THESE pictures are worth 1,000 words.

Lorne MacLean is likely British Columbia’s top consumer lawyer.  He grew his family law practice into one of Vancouver’s largest and finest practices (remember our award-winning wedding cake ad?), then diversified into other areas, including e.g. personal injury, criminal defense, and estate litigation.

Here are the two visuals we developed to describe his Estate Litigation practice, designed to grab the viewers’ attention and convey the complicated family issues which often cause clients to contact his firm.

Here, two interlopers are inserted between the patriarch and the family’s inheritance, i.e.: 

  1. a young trophy wife, and
  2. a pampered pet.

It’s funny, but according to Lorne, they’re unfortunately common occurrences, and he is seeing more of it in certain geographic and ethnic markets he is targeting.

And as a savvy marketer with a team of professionals who skillfully handle these issues, he asked us to develop an eye-catching advertising and marketing campaign and separate practice-specific micro-website to stay ahead of the issue, below.