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I was saddened in 2020 to learn of the passing of Steve Susman of Susman Godfrey.

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to suggest that he was known as one of the nation’s top 10 trial lawyers.  I had the good fortune to dine with him a few years prior and we had a lively and interesting conversation about litigation and marketing. He wanted to continue our discussion at a future date and gave me his card.

It’s VERY old school.

Actually, his card was more than old school, it has very little contact information on it.  But Steve didn’t need more. Just one phone number–his personal mobile phone. Everyone got Steve’s cell. The firm had four offices and Steve’s local phone number in each office forwarded to his mobile phone.

His email address, because that’s the primary communication tool.

No fax number. You didn’t fax Steve; he didn’t want any faxes.  (I know the feeling.)

No physical address or list of office cities; Steve had a national practice. And he said he barely got any actual “snail mail.”

No branding. No tagline or “Attorneys at Law.” No logo.  No website URL or links to his LinkedIn profile (did he have one?).

Nothing on the back. Blank.

That’s it. Name, firm, cell phone, email.  

With a lesser lawyer, this spartan design wouldn’t work. It’d feel like the firm hadn’t updated, or that they didn’t notice that they were stuck in the 1980s.

But in Steve’s hand, this bare-bones card exuded confidence. Just like Steve.

And in big-case litigation, confidence is the name of the game.


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