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You can do serious work, but not take yourself too seriously.

April Fool’s Day can be fun, and we occasionally design ads for clients who want to show that they do serious work but don’t take themselves too seriously.

Our friends at Gibson Lewis are among the area’s top personal injury firms, with a current and former bar president.  The Lake County Bar Association has an annual “Gridiron” holiday fundraiser, including a fun program brimming with spoof ads congratulating the performers.

They’ve asked us for the past couple years to help design their ads, which was fun.  Here’s their 2017 ad, which also helped announce their new firm to the local lawyers. The 3D Post-It note says “To the Printer. Replace this photo with the original. A competing PI law firm drew on it. -Editor”

Self-deprecating humor shows personality and confidence. 

Here’s the new 2018 ad, leveraging President Trump’s weird and vulgar tweets and comments, like “Making Lake County Great Again.”  “Lake County’s sh*thole law firm.” and “Fake. Losers. covfefe”


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