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Q: “If clients hire lawyers, why market The Firm?”

We hear this a lot.Fishman Marketing - If clients hire lawyers, why market the firm? FM © 2014

It’s a completely understandable question.

The short answer – It’s tough to get hired if your targets have never heard of your firm.

If your prospects don’t know you, your firm, your reputation, skills, services, or clients, it’s going to be a LONG time before you do business together.

However, if your firm’s marketing has caused them to feel that they know all of this information, you can get right to whether you’re a good fit.  You could discuss your ability to meet their particular needs, rather than your credentials.

That’s what Branding does.

Would you put your life savings in an unknown bank?  Or send your child to a no-name hospital? You might, but it probably wouldn’t be your first choice.

Your marketing should help your target audience understand who you are, what you do, and how you do it better than your skilled competitors. It should help create more opportunities to generate business.

Moreover, this type of brand-building marketing benefits everyone, every single professional, in nearly every rainmaking-oriented interaction. And that’s a pretty efficient way to spend your marketing budget.

Can’t persuade your firm of the value of Branding?

Download and send them a copy of this, below:

Fishman Marketing - If clients hire lawyers, why market the firm? FM © 2014