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The OTHER craziest law firm biography photo I’ve ever seen…

Evidently, we’ve come a long way, baby, in law firm website strategy and attorney photography.

I designed my first website in 1995, as Marketing Partner of Ungaretti & Harris.  Needless to say, the Internet was very different back then.

In the early years of law firm websites, many women lawyers refused to post their photos on their law firms’ websites.  A story was circulating that a lawyer had been stalked and injured after a crazy person found her photo on the firm’s website. It’s generally regarded as an urban legend, but back then, who knew?  We were making up the Internet rules as we went.

Many law firms circulated memos permitting the women to opt out of showing their photos for personal-safety reasons.

Things have changed a lot in the 20 years since then….

Recently, we blogged about J. Clark Fischer, a body-building criminal-defense lawyer in Winston-Salem who uses an oiled-up, spray-tanned, bikini-clad photo as his website biography head shot (click here to see the photo). Frankly, I wouldn’t have recommended anything quite so “out there” on a professional firm website, but I don’t know his target audience; maybe it’s working for him. Or maybe he goes to criminal court like that, I don’t know.  It certainly got my attention.

Pictured above is Ms. Corri Fetman, one of Chicago’s least-understated matrimonial lawyers. She gained brief worldwide fame for her one-day “Life’s Short. Get a Divorce” billboard that got unceremoniously yanked by some peeved Chicago aldermen.  Lawyer Fetman turned that notoriety (and buxom lingerie-clad photos) into very brief employment (then lawsuit) with “Playboy” magazine.

Perhaps the self-proclaimed “Incredibly Talented and Beautiful Love Lawyer” could arrange to grab a cup of coffee with Mr. Fischer, if his legal work ever brings him through Chicago.  I have a feeling they’d get along just fine.

Incredibly talented and beautiful Corri Fetman

Her firm’s unusual websitephoto gallery, and “Love Lawyer” Facebook page are worth perusing.  You know, if you like that sort of thing.

Below is just one of dozens of… unique photos from the Photo Gallery of Ms. Fetman’s firm website.  I wonder if she sends holiday cards? And what they’d look like?

Corri Fetman what the hell

Photos (c) 2015 Corri Fetman.  <yikes>