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I have another least-favorite law firm ad

Some time ago, an advertisement with a crayon-colored scales of justice logo caught my eye.  It used that faux-child-artwork style, like a first-grade teacher asked the children to draw a picture of what their mommy or daddy does for a living.

I thought it was trying just a bit too hard to be cute, but I generally liked how clearly this design conveyed that this firm represents or protects children. 


Oh wait.  They don’t protect children.

They defend people who abuse children.
[Yeah, I know, I know — allegedly...]


Oh, no.
I don’t think the crayons are quite so cute any more. 
Yes, of course everyone deserves a defense, but I just didn’t like how this ad made me feel.
The ad’s text:
“Focused for 15 years on defending those accused of child abuse.
No other Washington firm can match that record of dedication to child abuse defense”
It’s not just bad writing; it doesn’t even try to suggest that his clients might have been wrongly accused. It’s about him, rather than e.g. how he helps support the justice system or defend the wrongly accused. Just a photo of him grinning alongside his proud “dedication to child abuse defense.”
Ick. I just don’t like it.
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