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To the attendees of MSI Global Alliance’s June 25 “20 Marketing Tips” webinar.

Below are links to the three marketing books that are the handouts from last week’s webinar.  Click on the links to download. These links will be active for two weeks, through July 15. 

Please feel free to contact me directly if you’d like to (1) arrange a tailored webinar for your own firm, or if you would like to exit the pandemic in a strong market position with (2) a bold new brand, or (3) creative new website.  And please feel free to reach out if you’d ever like to chat about marketing, at +1.847.921.7677 or  It’s always my pleasure to assist MSI firms.  Good luck and stay safe, everyone!



The Books:

1. Ultimate Young Accountant Marketing Checklist:

MSI Ultimate ACCOUNTING Marketing Checklist (c) 2020 Ross Fishman


2. Ultimate Law Firm Partner Marketing Checklist:

MSI Ultimate PARTNERS Law Firm Marketing Checklist (c) 2020 Ross Fishman 2


3. Ultimate Law Firm Associate Marketing Checklist (COVID-19 edition):

MSI Ultimate ASSOCIATE Law Firm Marketing Checklist (c) 2020 Ross Fishman 2


Hottest speaking topics:

Video: 250 branding examples:
Video: Ross speaker demo: