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More good holiday cards – Proctor, Bryant/Olive, Hellerman Baretz

By January 12, 2011December 8th, 2021No Comments

‘Tis the season of holiday cards, all right.  A few more good examples this year include:

One of the most unusual e-cards so far comes from Proctor Heyman (“and the PH Blues Band“):

Don’t you like these guys already?  And they’re not from a music center like LA or Nashville, they’re from Delaware.  No, really.  Delaware.

I’d never heard of this 8-lawyer “Delaware corporate litigation and counseling boutique,” but their card made me want to learn more about them, which is good. Unfortunately, their website doesn’t meet the same high creative standards, with typical “Smiling Lawyer” and skyline imagery. The dichotomy feels a bit schizophrenic, but I still like the card a lot.  I hope they get a positive response from the card and redesign their website.  [I typed this a few weeks ago.  It turns out that they DID get a “positive response,” winning the Above the Law holiday card competition!]

I previously discussed building your campaign into your holiday card and the benefit of using your name in your marketing.  I like how public finance firm Bryant Miller Olive* used its “olive” theme in its print card.  A simple, cost-effective execution for a smaller firm.

Also, I like the interactive nature of Hellerman Baretz’s** e-card, where you can write your message on a plate and have the option of tossing it gently into a wishing well — or festively smashing it against a brick wall. Click here.

[I started this note a few weeks ago and hadn’t yet gotten around to posting it.  I have a bunch more cards I was going to review, but then saw that Above the Law was already doing a terrific job with their own reviews. In fact, I discovered that they held a holiday-card competition last year too. Oh well, no reason to beat this topic to death.  I have a few more good and bad examples worth discussing that I’ll submit some time later.]



*   We developed the “Olive” campaign for BMO a few years ago, but they designed this card internally.

** We have occasionally hired HBC and for public relations activities and have referred them clients.



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