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“Brand” your firm at your favorite law schools for just $3.00.

Q: How can our firm improve our recruiting results with our target law students?

A: Increase your firm’s visibility and name recognition on campus.

The evidence is clear — law firms with strong name recognition achieve significantly better on-campus recruiting results, and later attract higher-quality lateral associates.  That is, if your firm helps top law students launch their careers, they’ll enthusiastically sign up for your on-campus interviews (OCI) and remember you later when you want to hire them as lateral associates.


Your firm name will be printed on the cover.

The top law students want to interview with the best law firms.  And to them, “Best firms” often means “Firms I’ve heard of.”

Firms that don’t recruit on campus have very low name recognition.

The recruiting challenge for smaller firms (or branch offices of larger firms) is how to quickly and cost-effectively build that critical name recognition at your preferred law schools, to attract better resumes and fill your on-campus interview slots. One school-approved way is to offer valuable educational material.

We have a solution:

To help both the law firm and law students, we’re offering law firms 1,000 copies of our popular Marketing Checklist book for $2.95 each ― a 90% discount ($25 retail), including adding your firm name on the cover, to give to every single student at your favorite law schools.* (Download SAMPLE CHAPTERS.)  That’s the price of a cheap plastic logo pen. 

Middle-market law firms aren’t very well known and so struggle to hire the best candidates. Branch offices of larger firms can’t persuade the top students at the local law schools to sign up for on-campus interviews.

Many law schools restrict how firms can market to their students.  But top law schools (e.g. Emory and IIT-Chicago Kent) have already approved giving this valuable book to their students because it helps them succeed in their professional careers.

You can also consider handing them out personally during on-campus interviews or to your firm’s summer associates.

CHECKLIST Mozley _MFL_B copy

We’ll print your name on the cover of a book that young lawyers will keep on their desks for a decade.

A vital lateral-recruiting tool for firms that don’t hire first-year associates. [SAMPLE CHAPTERS]

In a few years, when you’re looking to recruit the best third- or fifth-year lateral associates, you’ll find that they don’t return the calls of firms they’ve never heard of.  You need them to have a positive feeling about your name when your headhunter calls. Today, when your firm’s recruiter contacts a third-year associate, the calls tend to go one of two ways:

1.  “Smith & Smith?  Sure I know them. Great firm. Tell me more.”


2.  “Jones & Jones?  Never heard of them. Not interested.”

At Fishman Marketing, we like helping law students, and starting new lawyers on a strong foundation.  So we’re offering our valuable book to law firms to give to law students at a 90% discount.  First-come, first served.

What can you get for just $2.95? Well, you could give each law student a practical career-building book with your name prominently displayed on the cover, an indispensable tool that they will use regularly, or…  a logo’d chicken keychain. 

Sitting Chicken keychain promo

Contact Ross at ASAP to place your order or to receive a few complimentary review copies.

Here’s the link to download the first few chapters: SAMPLE CHAPTERS.

[*This discount offer is only available to law schools or for books law firms donate to law schools or law students.]


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