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If the “Friends” logo were a law firm….

Remember “Friends?”

We all loved that show.  It was one of the top TV shows from 1994-2004 (now in syndication).  The production company was “Bright Kauffman Crane productions,” and their logo had a colorful, slightly offbeat feel to it.

The letters were askew, the horizontal lines weren’t straight, and the colors were bright.  “productions” was inside a flattened oval.  The combined effect was whimsical and creative.  If you’re over 30, I’ll bet even 10 or 20 years later, you still recognize it:


My kids, 14-24, are starting to watch “Friends” now.

I saw a recent episode and it got me thinking — “Bright Kauffman Crane” sounds like a law firm.  But if they were a law firm, what would the logo look like?

Probably something like this:

Or perhaps this:


Sad, really.