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“Have Yourself an Unindicted Christmas” Law Firm Holiday Card

I always enjoy the style and sense of humor of Waco, Texas criminal and civil lawyers Will Hutson and Chris Harris at full-service Hutson & Harris. My previous favorite ditty was the practical advice of “Don’t Eat Your Weed,” which they counsel will turn a simple misdemeanor charge for possession into a felony for tampering with evidence in Texas.


But in the spirit of the season, their most-recent video is a medley, a duet of altered Christmas songs including “Oh Christmas Weed,” “Pack the Bowl” (i.e. Deck the Halls”), and “Have Yourself an Unindicted Christmas.”


I would encourage readers of this blog to check out one or more of their videos.

Click here for a link to their YouTube Channel.

Other worth-watching videos are their clever, educational songs about why it’s inadvisable in Texas to cook pot brownies, and admonitions to Shut Up when stopped by the police.


I love these guys.

But in what would seem to be an enormous missed opportunity, their firm’s bland website shows none of the powerful personality of their videos.  If you have the ability to be more creative, to stand out with clever and educational material, why squander the goodwill you’ve generated by having a bland website?  Photos of bridges, columns, striped books, empty courtrooms, and scales of justice? C’mon guys, you’ve already proven that you can do better! Here is a list of the law firm website cliches to avoid.

Regardless, great job on the videos, gentlemen; I look forward to seeing more.

Perhaps “Auld Lang Crime” for the New Year?


All images (c) 2016 Hutson & Harris.


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