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“Happy Halloween!” from Your Romanian Law Firm

Speaking to 50 lawyers from 40 countries at the Legal Network International (LNI) conference last week, I suggested that law firms from smaller jurisdictions could build their brands and seek referrals by connecting themselves to their geography. For example, every year I receive attractively designed Ramadan and Happy Eid cards from the Al-Joufi law firm in Saudi Arabia. (I don’t know the firm, but I’ll admit that the cards have created the general impression that they’re a quality firm.)

After the LNI presentation, I met a charming lawyer from Romania, Ms. Crenguta Leaua from Leaua & Associates. Romania is a country where not every US lawyer would personally know a quality local firm.  And, of course, it’s famous for beautiful mountain scenery, 1976 “Perfect 10” gymnast Nadia Comăneci, and… Count Dracula.

So, with the iconic holiday looming, we quickly designed a tongue-in-cheek “Happy Halloween” card, below. (“Stakes,” get it…?)

So, if you ever need a skilled lawyer in Romania, consider contacting Crenguta Leaua at

And while discussing international, geography-based marketing, below are a few more designs we created for terrific law firms from Brazil, Iceland, and Ghana.

Are you from a smaller city, state, or country?

If you’re in the US or worldwide and want to explore this type of geography-based marketing approach for your firm, contact Ross Fishman at