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Major Update to our Most-Popular Marketing Checklist

We’re putting the final touches on a dramatically expanded version of our popular “Associate Marketing Checklist by Year of Practice.”  It includes narrative explanations, links to instructional videos, and new material covering social media activities like LinkedIn, Twitter, and other tools.  It will launch as a 50-page ebook.

Testimonials Wanted:Associate Marketing Checklist by Year of Practice draft cover

Before distributing it, we’re seeking some testimonials from some of the lawyers and marketers who have successfully used the previous versions over the past 20 years.

Below is a link to a free sample — the Foreword, Introduction, and “First-Year Associates” chapter from the new book:

Associate’s Marketing Checklist by Year of Practice (sample)

Take a look, and let me know what you think!  I’d sincerely appreciate your comments or a testimonial we can use.


Ross Fishman

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  • Deb DuBois says:

    Thanks for enhancing your Associates Marketing Checklist, Ross! While I loved the simple 2-page format, I also understand that associates have so many more creative opportunities to build relationships…so the list gets longer! Please feel free to use this testimonial, if it’s helpful. I would like to use your checklist with a couple of firms I am currently helping. 🙂 Deb

    “Ross Fishman’s associate checklist has always been a part of my first meeting with new attorneys, and additional copies are often requested by partners who are mentoring associates. Accomplished tasks leverage the firm’s marketing strategy, creating a win-win scenario for attorneys and marketing directors. Thanks, Ross!” Deb DuBois

  • Deb DuBois says:

    Hi, Ross! Hope all is well! Are copies of your book available now? Would love to offer it to folks! Thanks, Deb DuBois

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