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Crazy Holiday Cards from two ERISA law firms!

Yeah, I said ERISA firms.

I like ERISA lawyers.  I find them to be smart, sincere, and hard working.  But their reputation isn’t generally as the life of the party.  You wouldn’t ordinarily think of ERISA lawyers as holiday card risk-takers, but two particular lawyers stand out every year. In previous years (here and here), I’ve written about the Springer Roberts law firm, a two-woman ERISA disability boutique. The lawyers have dressed up e.g. as ballerinas and superheroes to help break through the clutter and express their unique personalities. They’re obviously not typical ERISA lawyers.


Apparently the firm dissolved this past year. The two lawyers in their newly formulated firms (solo Springer Ayeni and 2-lawyer Roberts Bartolic) separately continued their tradition, mailing out unique late-November cards to beat the December rush, arriving the very same week.

Both are quite… unique.

Cassie Springer Ayeni’s “Change”-themed card highlights her new firm and baby. The photo shows the two cute daughters we’ve seen in previous years, plus her beautiful new baby on a changing table. You don’t often see diapers and a changing table as the creative hook in a holiday card. But here it’s surprisingly disarming.


The Roberts Bartolic firm leverages 2016’s Pokemon Go craze, wishing recipients a “transformative holiday season!”


Apparently insurance companies are the enemy:









So?  What do you think of these two cards?