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Connecting your law firm holiday card to your brand message.

I received a nice simple holiday card from an old client, Bryant Miller Olive, a top finance law firm and Florida’s market leader in public finance and bond work.  Back around 2006, they were moving into new geographic markets and needed to build name recognition and visibility both quickly and cost effectively. BMO Bryant Miller Olive law firm logo

We decided to leverage the memorable “Olive” in their name to tell their story, including reorganizing their long, one-line logo and dotting the “i” with a green olive.  We developed a number of print ads and visuals, focused on a memorable Giant Olive placed into scenarios that reflected their most-important industries and areas of practice. We designed their website around those images as well. (Click HERE to read more about the Bryant Miller Olive story and see the entire marketing campaign.)

In the intervening years, the BMO lawyers have continued to embrace the Olive, adding it to a wide variety of marketing materials, including their annual holiday cards. The 2013 card, showing an olive as a decorative ornament is at the bottom.

Here’s the 2014 card, cleverly showing olives as mistletoe:

Bryant Miller Olive 2014 Holiday card  2

The point is – understand your brand message.

Then try to work the brand into more of your regular communications.

NOTE: You must walk a very fine line with religious holidays and marketing.

We all dislike cards and emails that feel like they’re saying “Happy Holiday! Got any business for me?”

But this is a friendly, clever, and effective example of an inexpensive card that (1) cuts through the clutter, (2) reinforces their brand identity, and yet (3) conveys a warm sentiment.

Nice job, guys.

Here’s last year’s card:

Bryant Miller Olive holiday card

Bryant Miller Olive 2013 law firm holiday card

Below shows an example of Fishman Marketing’s original Olive-themed website.

(Click here to read more about the Bryant Miller Olive story and see other collateral materials.)

BMO Bryant Miller Olive law firm website


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