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CBS News anchor Scott Pelley thanks Jones Day.

I always thought this was one of the best examples of opportunistic and strategic marketing by a major law firm.

Jones Day’s Washington DC office apparently has a great view overlooking the US Capitol, because whenever there’s a major DC event, CBS News broadcasts from Jones Day’s building.  And every time they do, CBS publicly acknowledges the firm:

“And with the thanks to the Jones Day law firm for this incomparable view of the Capitol, I’m Scott Pelley…”

According to Cherie Olland, Jones Day’s terrific CMO, CBS has “a permanent installation on the roof of our building.”

Great marketing by Jones Day.

The firm gets recurring visibility with a huge national audience connecting them to major national events.  They look successful because of CBS’s implication that the building is in an extremely expensive location.

They likely have a carefully drafted and approved sign-off line, which subconsciously anoints the firm with the integrity and credibility of CBS News anchor Scott Pelley, who I think is among the best in the business, or whatever other CBS News broadcaster identifies them.

One recent example was the CBS broadcast of President Obama’s 2012 inauguration.  You can watch the brief clip here.


Video and photo (c) Copyright 2012 CBS. All rights reserved.



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