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Branding, websites, and photo-quality frosting.

When launching a new marketing campaign, it’s time for a party!

Law firms aren’t especially fun environments, so we shouldn’t waste the opportunity to celebrate good news, like the launch of a new brand identity, ad campaign, or website.  You can celebrate anything if you set your mind to it.

Whenever we launch a new marketing campaign, we try to arrange an educational presentation, to teach everyone the message and the rationale for it – how it’s going to help the firm achieve its strategic objectives and build a bright new future for everyone.  The better they understand it, the more likely they are to support it over the long term.

And we follow up the educational session with a rollout party, to make it even more tangible and meaningful — and every party needs a couple sheet cakes.

And with new frosting technology, we always reproduce the new logo or ads in photo-quality, high-res frosting.  Most grocery store chains and bakeries can create these with special edible-ink printers.  Above are two of the cakes from the branding rollouts for “Large yet Agile” Hawley Troxell.

My favorite example was marketer extraordinaire Caroline Berger at Novack and Macey, who had the “Small but Mighty” cakes made out of fondant!  Here’s the Tepin pepper cake, which matched one of the primary ads.  (We also served some VERY hot salsa at the party, to fit the pepper theme.)

Beautiful and delicious:


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