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Best Marketing Committee comments EVER. #1

True Story:

Many years ago, we were having some trouble getting a branding campaign and website executed for a small firm; the Marketing Partner’s busy trial schedule kept him from meeting deadlines. The project was stalling. I suggested that we might want to bring in some more help. pexels-photo-large free stock

The Managing Partner carefully evaluated his potential choices.  He then appointed a new partner to help.  He excitedly announced that he was a great choice because “He has an arts background.” 

We’ve found that people with a formal arts education can often get up to speed faster and understand the nuances of the projects better.

When I met with him, I inquired about this – “I hear you have an arts background. What’s your medium?”  I presumed it would be drawing, painting, sculpture,  etc. 

“Piano,” he answered confidently.

At that point I knew we were in trouble…



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