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Awful law firm websites: The “Small-Firm Trifecta.” 

Nothing says “Small, mediocre law firm” like a website home page full of obvious stock photos and free clip art.

And in my opinion, the worst of the worst are those that combine multiple clichés in a single photo. 

The most popular of these photos for law firms is the Gavel/Scales/Book grouping — what I call “The Small-Firm Trifecta.”

Gavel scales books 3

Below are a few examples of websites in this category.

Now I’m not suggesting that all these firms DO completely suck.  I’m not saying that these are among the worst firms in their markets.  I don’t know these firms at all — I just stumbled over them by conducting a Google Image search.

But, look at the firms below and ask yourself this question:

“Are these firms in the top or bottom half of their markets?”

Gavel scales books 8


Gavel scales books 7

Gavel scales books6

Again, I don’t know any of these firms.  I’ve never heard of any of them. 

You probably haven’t either. But I’ll bet you have already formed a subconscious opinion about the quality of their legal skills.

Try this test: rate them on a 1-10 scale, with 1 being “terrible” and 10 being “outstanding.”

Go ahead, take ten seconds and DO IT.  I’ll bet you a nickel that you gave them a 5 or lower, i.e. a C- for their technical legal skills.  Now look hard at your own site and consider what score you’d give yourselves.

I know, right?  Keep looking…

Do any of these make you say, “Wow. I’ll bet these guys are outstanding lawyers!”

Gavel scales books 4


Gavel scales books 2


Gavel books scales


Gavel scales books

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The copyrights to the images are held by the respective law firms.