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Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Will Revolutionize Law. Part Two.

How often are your lawyers correct?

Last week, I posted the introductory part of a TED-talk style presentation I gave on some of the ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) will likely change the practice of law.  The first part focused on a typical visit to your doctor.  I discuss the type of “experiential” diagnosis we have come to expect from our doctors, in which they base their evaluation and diagnosis on their training and personal experience.

Research shows that doctors using experiential diagnoses are right about half the time.

That’s right.  When diagnosing your ailment, you can expect your doctor to get it right about HALF the time.

Then I contrasted that with an example of the dramatically more robust “data-driven” prediction that we could receive if our doctors had enhanced AI tools available to assist in their analysis and diagnosis.

Today, in Part Two the video begins to analogize this with an intake meeting with a new prospect.

So, if research suggest that even skilled doctors are right just half the time, the fundamental question becomes:

“How often are lawyers correct?”

To hear the answer and listen to the second part of the presentation, click here or on the video below: