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“We’re smart. We’re old.  And we’re the best at everything.”  [The World’s First No-BS Guide to Legal Marketing and Branding.]

Does it drive you crazy that big-firm lawyers can charge 30-50% more per hour than you?  You know you’re just as skilled, but the marketplace doesn’t, so you charge $100 or $250 less for every single hour. Hour after hour. Day after day. Month after month.BOOK We're Smart Cover

Calculate how much more revenue that totals every single year.

Is that frustrating?

Actually, that’s Branding

And that’s what this handy 200-page guidebook is about.

I want you to aspire to more. To look different. To be different. I want you or your firm to create a brand that helps you get more out of your career.

I want you to represent better clients, charge more money, and have more fun. To build a rewarding, fulfilling career as a market leader. I want you to figure out how to offer something more, and then tell that story persuasively to your potential buyers. This book will show you how.

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Marketing isn’t easy, and branding is harder still. But its inherent difficulty is what makes it so powerful; it ensures that only the savviest firms can wield this strategic weapon.

When I train lawyers in marketing, I’ve found that they learn best when I:

(1) Provide a new idea they might not have previously considered,
(2) Explain the underlying theory, then
(3) Show a bunch of actual examples.

So that’s how we structured this book, in two sections:We're Smart Cover Crop Title NO STAR

PART ONE starts by explaining the basic concepts of marketing, branding, and differentiation; identifies a variety of common issues or challenges; provides some background; and uses real-life examples from leading law firms to show how we solved those problems.

PART TWO details dozens of common marketing and branding challenges and how we addressed them for specific firms, hopefully providing some guidance for firms that find themselves facing similar situations.

And we always show lots of cool pictures.



Part One: Branding and Differentiation

Chapter One

Introduction: Understanding the Marketing Umbrella
May we never hear another lawyer spout, “My firm has a collegiate culture.”

Chapter Two

Online Presence: Making Marketing Magic with Websites
Admit it, the home page convinced you that the firm was simply awful.

Chapter Three

Be True to Who You Are: Don’t Blanket Your Website with Clichés
If I see a gavel or striped book on your website, I’m going to smack you with it.

Chapter Four

Educating the Lawyers: First Teach What Marketing Is All About
Let’s get real. Most lawyers’ marketing instincts here are dead wrong.

Chapter Five

Best of Both Worlds: Bright, Bold Ads Reflect a Firm’s Size & Agility
Until you grab their attention, they can’t see how fabulous you are.

Chapter Six

Embrace Your Character: The “Small But Mighty” Campaign
Be honest about yourself and your culture. Screw anyone who doesn’t like it.

Chapter Seven

First-Ever Service Guarantee: On the Front Lines of Marketing, Blaze Trails
If you want to achieve better results, you must do something different.

Chapter Eight 

First Impressions: Logos Make the World Go Round
They won’t make you money, but these little pieces of art do matter.


Part Two: Case Studies

  • Practice-Specific
    • Family Law and Estate Law
    • Health Care
    • Global Transportation Finance
  • Litigation, Strengths
  • Industry Focus
  • Niche Marketing
  • Name-Based Marketing
    • Good Names
    • Useful Names
    • Bad names
  • Being Different
  • Geography
  • Recruiting Law Students
  • Testimonials
  • Personality
  • Demographic
  • Client Service
  • Religion
  • Professional Associations
  • International Law Firm Network
  • Diversity
  • History

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Praise for “We’re smart.  We’re Old….”

“In this invaluable book, Ross Fishman has spun law-marketing gold from the dross that often passes for wisdom in this field. No one knows more about this subject than Ross; he has been there, and he has done that. Best of all, no one can convey an idea more understandably or succinctly than Ross can. And, mirabile dictu, he has managed to do this despite his many years as a lawyer.”  Loren Wittner, former Marketing Partner, Winston & Strawn

“For law firms to be like businesses, they must learn to market like businesses. Law firms can find their courage and roadmap inside these pages. Fishman has finally written down what has been inside his wonderfully creative mind these last 25 years and is sharing it with the rest of us. Don’t miss it!”  Bryan Schwartz, Former Chairman and Co-Founder, Levenfeld Pearlstein

“Ross is a true innovator. His iconoclastic views on lawyers and marketing are enlightening and his book provides a no-nonsense, common sense, and entertaining guide to success from an elite marketer who has mastered his craft.” Dean N. Gerber, Vice Chair, Vedder Price

“Ross’s masterful book gives lawyers successful formulas and practical insights to differentiate themselves and grow their businesses. His humorous style and straightforward approach will have you eager to implement his ideas without delay.”  Maggie Watkins, former CMO, Best Best & Krieger, 1999 LMA President

“A must-read for any attorney who wants to develop business. This entertaining quick read demonstrates the concepts that Ross has successfully implemented for law firms around the world. Ross’ methods are effective whether you are a newbie attorney or a seasoned veteran. Wonderful examples, case studies, and pictures allow Ross to convey his ideas in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.” Jordan M. Goodman, Marketing Partner, Horwood Marcus & Berk

“Read Ross’ book!  I am a (grateful) client of Ross Fishman and his marketing team. His creative, smart work helped me build my law practice into something I always hoped for, but didn’t know how to achieve.”  Brian J. Lewis, founding partner, Gibson & Lewis


About the Author

“Many people consider Ross Fishman to be the nation’s
foremost expert on law firm marketing.” -Of Counsel

Ross Fishman is CEO of Fishman Marketing, specializing in strategy, branding, websites, and marketing training for law and professional-services firms. A former litigator, marketing director, and marketing partner, he has helped 200 law firms dominate their markets worldwide.

A Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management, Ross was the first marketer to receive the Legal Marketing Association’s “Lifetime Achievement” award, and the first inductee into the LMA’s international “Hall of Fame.”

A five-time winner of the Legal Marketing Association’s “Best in Show” grand prize, and Kentucky Colonel, he is a highly rated keynote speaker and marketing trainer, having spoken 300 times on six continents, and written 250 bylined articles on legal marketing and branding issues.

His popular “The Ultimate Law Firm Associate’s Marketing Checklist,” is available on here. 

BUY “We’re Smart. We’re Old.” NOW on here!