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Sky Radio: Middle Schoolers Reading Firm Brochures

Q:  Sky Radio called, inviting us to participate.

“At first I thought it was because we are such great lawyers.

“Then I learned it was really just pay-for-play. They’ll basically ask us whatever questions we want to answer, so we can highlight our CEO, firm, or market differentiators.

“Should we do it?  Is it worth it?”

A:  I fly a lot. When my iPod dies, I listen to in-flight radio.

I’ve occasionally stumbled over the Sky Radio “business interview” segments and have heard a couple law and professional-services firms that have bought the spots.  As a marketing consultant, I thought I should listen to them, to learn in context whether they might be beneficial to any of my clients — a little market research.

My personal and professional opinion?  I felt like I was listening to two middle-school actors read aloud a badly written firm brochure, in a Q&A format:


  • Jovial interviewer: Welcome, John. So, John, tell me about Smith, Jones & Johnson, LLC. The word on the street is that you’re an outstanding firm with terrific lawyers and very satisfied clients.
  • Lawyer, all business: Well, Sam – Smith, Jones & Johnson, LLC is a national, full-service business law firm with approximately 173 lawyers in six offices across the United States that has been in business approximately 23-and-a-half years, representing the full range of clients from individuals to Fortune 500 companies. We’re really all about the clients. And the service.
  • Interviewer, oozing love and admiration:  Really?  That’s fascinating, John! You sound like an outstanding firm!
  • Lawyer, proud that interviewer noticed:  Thanks, Sam!
  • Interviewer, sincerely: You’re welcome, John!  I’ll bet your lawyers are smart, efficient, and service-oriented!
  • Lawyer, almost modestly:  Yes, we are!  Thanks for noticing, Sam!

The entire production screamed “pandering infomercial.”

I tried to listen, I really did, but I simply couldn’t force myself to sit through more than a couple minutes. It made me squirm; I was embarrassed for them.

In other words, no, I don’t really recommend it.  Here’s an interesting article in The New York Times that discusses the issue of Sky Radio and whether it should require full disclosure that this is a paid placement, rather than “news.”  


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     (-Of Counsel magazine)

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