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Abe Lincoln’s 25-cent marketing speech

We’ve all seen the 1858-59 print advertisements where Abe Lincoln announced the formation of his new law firm, Lincoln & Herndon, in Springfield, Illinois.

But did you know that Abe Lincoln also gave marketing and client-development speeches?  Here’s a newspaper announcement for his Springfield Library Association

And he charged 25 cents admission!

It will be an “intellectual feast.”

Elsewhere in the same paper, the paper seeks to drum up attendance at the presentation:

“Let us, one and all, compliment him with a full audience.  His lecture, we are assured, will be an ‘intellectual feast.'”

Abe Lincoln Speech Intellectual Feast Library Assoc RF


I wonder what the topic was…

And for lawyers who still wonder whether lawyer marketing is ethical?

Abe Lincoln apparently thought so . . . .