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Holiday Card: “Are You My Lawyer?”

We all remember the childhood classic “Are You My Mother?” by P.D. Eastman (1960).

Well I received an interesting parody of it, “Are You My Lawyer?” by “E.B. Funny.”  It was created as a holiday card by Phoenix’s 11-lawyer Engelman Berger,  They’re a pretty creative bunch and have done some memorable marketing over the years.

Engelman Berger Holiday Card Are You My Mother COVER

It’s the story of a girl who runs a small lemonade stand.  And, like every young girl today, she wants to verify the legality of her activities.

Perhaps she’s been hassled by her local government or FDA for not having a business license or meeting food-safety regulations.  Maybe Donald Trump thinks her lemons were picked by illegal immigrants.  We never know.

After Google searches leave her “dazed and confused,” she asks her brother-in-law, whom we learn handles Family Law.  Unfortunately, he won’t help her or even provide a referral.  So the third-grader must walk “down, down, down to Midtown.”  She visits a few random law firms, always slipping past Building Security and the notorious Midtown receptionists.

The first lawyer she encounters has too specialized a practice for her needs:

Engelman Berger Holiday Card Are You My Mother ORANGES


She finds the second law firm’s approach to be too mercenary.  We don’t learn how large a retainer she actually could have afforded:

Engelman Berger Holiday Card Are You My Mother MORE


Finally she happens to see the signage for Engelman Berger.

Here, the friendly lawyers apparently spend their days milling around the Reception area, waiting for small children to stop by.  We never learn how she pre-qualifies them; perhaps she’d seen their Avvo or Super Lawyer profile or AV rating.  Maybe she just likes their yin-yang logo.

Regardless, she finds them to be a good fit for her legal needs:

Engelman Berger Holiday Card Are You My Mother End

All in all, a very cute and thoroughly memorable Holiday Card. I’ve never seen one like it. Download it here.

Nice job, guys. 


All images (c) 2015 Engelman Berger