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A light-hearted recollection of LMA’s first 20 years.

The Legal Marketing Association is celebrating its 30th anniversary, an amazing accomplishment. Click here for the LMA video detailing some of its many accomplishments. LPM Ross Fishman 20th anniversary article

Ten years ago, I wrote a cover story for the ABA’s Law Practice Management magazine detailing my recollections of  the first 20 years of legal marketing. They entitled it “A Personal View of Legal Marketing’s Long Strange Journey.  ‘First Let’s Sell All the Lawyers.'”

It’s not a great title, but it was a fun article to write, and includes a lot of graphics and examples.

Attorney at Work’s Merrilyn Astin Tarlton contributed an extremely helpful timeline.  You can read the entire feature story here: LPM article History of Law Firm Marketing.

LMA later republished it (without the graphics) as a 20th anniversary Commemorative Guide and handed it out to all national conference attendees.

Click here to read that article: LMA 20th Anniversary Commemorative Guide History.

It feels like a long road, but what a wonderful journey it’s been.  I can’t imagine a better profession to be part of, or nicer, smarter professionals to call my friends and peers.

LMA 20th Anniversary Commemorative Guide History 2