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“Our website’s from 2003. We suck.” [Six-Word Stories]

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 “Our website’s from 2003. We suck.”  [Six-Word Stories]

About a year ago, I asked readers and lawyers to write some “Six Word Stories” that relate to their daily lives, after hearing a story about them on NPR I posted a few dozen – here’s the link.

Here are another 30 stories.  They’re funny, clever, smart, and sad.
So? Can you tell your story in exactly six words?

When the economy improves, I’m gone.

-Our website isn’t making us money
-Law school didn’t teach me shit.
-No one visits our boring blog.
-My life’s work is being outsourced.
-I’m embarrassed by our firm’s website.
-I’m not a very good lawyer.

Lost my job.  Losing my family.

-I can’t afford my student loans.
-I hope this gets fun soon.
-Would Abe Lincoln have sent “Tweets?”

“Social Media?”  Twitter? LinkedIn? Facebook?  AARGH!

-On-campus recruiting is a nightmare.
-“Go get clients?”  You’re the Partner!
-The plaintiff does the suing, right?
-I’m stuck in the library. Dying.

I padded my hours yesterday.  <sigh>

-Can I meet an actual client?
-The stress of litigation’s killing me.
– “Bring in clients?”  Me?  Not likely.
-I don’t know how to find clients.
-I lost my idealism in 2001.
-My firm’s in the bottom half.

-I’d make Atticus Finch very sad.
-New job. Another new job. Repeat.
-I love Law. But I’m tired.

No one should bill 2,400 hours.

-Any job’s a good job today.
-I work. My son plays.  Alone.
-I’ve never seen a T-ball game.
-Our lawyers sexually harass the secretaries.

Would Abe Lincoln have sent “Tweets?”

-Let’s all blame the marketing director.
-Our HR Department is a joke.
-I work harder than my associates.
-My partner [Joe] is a drunk.


Powerful stuff.
If you want to write some, I’ll print them, with or without attribution.