Check out Fisher Phillips’s clever holiday e-card


Check out Fisher Phillips’s holiday e-card I LOVE this card.  As you might know from my historic blog posts, I’m often very critical of law firm e-cards — there are so many ways firms can get them wrong.  They’re too long, too dull, too cliche’d. They’re too politically correct or self-absorbed. First, never mix Marketing and Read more >>


THIS is What a Real Commitment to Diversity Looks Like.


A Law Firm Committed to Diversity. Most lawyers recognize the importance of Diversity. Strict homogeneity can lead to an equally homogenous approach or outlook.  When applied to client representations, creativity can be stifled. Innovative solutions can be overlooked. But we also know that in real life, Diversity can be hard. Firms know it’s important, but often struggle to Read more >>

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In Marketing, when you have the facts, USE them.


In Marketing, when you have the facts, USE them. [A brand and website overhaul for a 300-win trial law firm.] The Howard Law Group is a national business and civil litigation firm, handling some of the nation’s biggest, ugliest, and most-complicated bet-the-company lawsuits. They’re a dynamic, effective trial law firm.  Founder Bill Howard’s astonishing trial record is Read more >>


Client – ‘I don’t believe in hammers.’


“I don’t believe in hammers.” Client – “I don’t read marketing.”   Uh, yeah, you do. And I’ll prove it.  Let’s start here. What is this bottle? Do you know what product it’s marketing? Perhaps the name of the company? Of course you do, it’s Absolut vodka. How about this shape?  There’s no label on Read more >>

Experience Creativity Results

Law Firm Tag Lines: “Word. Word. Word.”


Law and CPA Firm Tag Lines: “Word. Word. Word.” Let’s declare 2015 to be the end of the “Three one-word sentence” tag lines. Particularly alliterative ones, like “Expertise. Excellence. Efficiency.”  For both law firms and accounting firms, the most-overused three words in this category seem to be “Experience. Creativity. Results.” (A few actual examples of these Read more >>

Pessin Katz Obituary Ribbon Logo

The Best Law Firm Obituary Logo


The Best Law Firm Obituary Logo If you’re in law firm marketing long enough, at some point you’re going to have to confront the unfortunate reality of the sad passing of one of your people. Regardless of the individual’s title, whether senior partner or secretary, a firm is measured by how responsibly and sensitively it Read more >>

Bryant Miller Olive 2014 Holiday card THUMB

Connecting your law firm holiday card to your brand message.


Connecting your law firm holiday card to your brand message. I received a nice simple holiday card from an old client, Bryant Miller Olive, a top finance law firm and Florida’s market leader in public finance and bond work.  Back around 2006, they were moving into new geographic markets and needed to build name recognition and Read more >>

Initials Accounting firm Bad Logos Page One  copy

Why do accounting firms use initials instead of names? – Part 2


Why do accounting firms use initials instead of names? – Part 2 We know that for many professional-services firms (e.g. law, accounting, consulting, etc.), using initials is simply a necessary compromise — a less-controversial way to abbreviate the firm’s name.  You get to shorten a cumbersome name without seeming to favor the first one or two people Read more >>

Moffatt Thomas Logos round one

“It’s just a logo. How hard can it be?”


“C’mon, it’s just a logo. How hard can it be?” We haven’t heard it phrased exactly like that, but that’s the implication: “We designed our last logo all by ourselves in Word, and it looks just fine. Why should we pay you to design it?” Why? Because an amateurish logo is your entire firm wearing Read more >>

Initials logos LARGEST Accounting firms  copy

Why do accounting firms use initials instead of names?


Why do accounting firms use initials instead of names? With very rare exception, names work better than initials. You’d think it’d be pretty obvious.  But accounting firms curiously LOVE their initials. The problem is, initials don’t mean anything. They’re gibberish.  Which one is easiest to remember if you wanted to Google them tomorrow?  Here, try this: Which Read more >>

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