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LP’s GayLaw

By May 28, 2012 No Comments

LP’s GayLaw

In 2004, LP Legal was a leading full-service Chicago law firm.  In a bold and progressive move (at the time), the firm’s creative chairman thought the time was right to create the legal profession’s first practice group targeted to the unique business and legal needs of the Gay and Lesbian communities.

Although dozens of firms have copied this idea since then, it was actually quite controversial. He asked FM to design and implement a positioning and branding campaign targeted to these families.  The multi-faceted campaign included print ads, a brochure, direct mailers, seminars, conferences, and public relations. We were able to use this unique campaign to garner significant national media attention in the legal, business, and GLBT press, further solidifying the firm’s image as a creative, progressive firm.

The ad headlines:

“All couples need to talk about the future. Gay and lesbian couples need to talk to a lawyer about it.”

“The law does not recognize your relationship. But there is a law firm that does.”

The ad copy: “At a time when more gay and lesbian couples are living committed and fulfilling family lives, the legal protections and benefits afforded other families are denied to yours. Where the politicians have failed you, we can help.”