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Levenfeld Lateral Recruiting

By May 22, 2012 No Comments

We were privileged to work closely with one of the profession’s most creative leaders, Levenfeld Pearlstein’s Bryan Schwartz, since the firm’s founding, supporting a wide range of his strategic goals.

Bryan was molding LP into a legitimately different type of firm, and he wanted to showcase its uniquely energetic culture. His idea was to attract like-minded laterals who were feeling stifled in their less-creative, more-traditional environments.  We wanted to grab their attention and show them what Levenfeld offered so that those who longed for that type of work environment would know where to find it. This both enhanced the effectiveness of their recruiters and made them less necessary, as the “right” lawyers would contact the firm directly.

We also saw the opportunity to educate conservative lawyers and other professionals who preferred a traditional or slower-paced firm, so they would avoid wasting everyone’s time interviewing at a firm where they weren’t a good long-term fit. Turnover is inefficient, so it’s best to tell people candidly who you are and what you offer.

These materials use metaphors, a cog, sheep, or robot to reference the experience of working in a traditional firm juxtaposed against the jump-out-of-bed exhilaration of working at LP.

The aggressive nature of this bold message created significant buzz in the local legal community and enhanced the firm’s reputation as among Chicago’s most dynamic firms.


“I owe Ross for what he has done for my company. Ross taught me to think outside of the box and not do what every off-the-shelf marketing consultant does. With Ross at the helm when we started up, we conducted award-winning work at our firm entirely as a result of working with Ross. First, he understands professionals (particularly lawyers) and the baggage they bring to the table. Second, he listens and empathizes. Finally, he creates exceptional, differentiated strategies that are simply brilliant. 

He helped us with everything from creative recruiting and individual coaching to segmented client marketing approaches. I have worked with many business and marketing consultants. He is a grade above and I would give him nose-bleed ratings for his ideas, his work, and the results he helped us obtain. I have also referred Ross to tech companies, accountants, and other professional service firms. Ross has game.” 

– Bryan Schwartz, Chairman, Levenfeld Pearlstein