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Guidepost Solutions is a leading global security company, consisting of former high-level government officers from the FBI, DEA, CIA, ICE, Homeland Security, Secret Service agents, and prosecutors. These are serious people doing important work for some of the world’s largest companies, including 10 of the Fortune 20, and 98 of the AmLaw 100 law firms.


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Guidepost Solutions handles sophisticated monitorship, compliance, and internal investigations worldwide, on issues like embezzlement, money laundering, bank secrecy, and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. If a corporation needs an internal investigation conducted anywhere in the world, Guidepost can have a skilled team on the ground within 24 hours.

They also do security consulting for some of the nation’s most prominent buildings and arenas, including, e.g. they designed and implemented the physical security strategy and systems at most NFL football and MLB baseball stadiums.

A significant new competitor named “Guidehouse” had just launched which risked creating marketplace confusion. We wanted to use the refreshed brand to reinforce the Guidepost name, including showing a physical guidepost in the graphics to differentiate them and help prospects remember which “Guide” company they were.

The website headline declares “Challenge or Opportunity. We are your Guidepost.” The true differentiator for Guidepost is the astonishing resumes and experience of its people. So, we wanted to showcase them individually throughout the website, as well as on social media, and other marketing outreach, each graphic signing off with “[Name] is your Guidepost.” That is, we’ll bring people of this caliber to help solve your problems.