Web Site Before & After


Create a brand and website for one of the nation’s largest minority-owned law firms.


AlvaradoSmith is a 30-lawyer 3-office law firm based in Orange County.  The founders of the firm are prominent members of the Hispanic community.

Many Fortune 1000 companies want to actively support diverse and minority-owned law firms and will seek to hire firms with good diversity statistics. But you’ll quickly lose the work unless you also have superior technical skills.


Web Design


WordPress Web Site Features

  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns
  • Responsive Design for Mobile/Tablets
  • Fishman Marketing’s Legal Platform
  • Searchable Attorney Database by Practice Area, Name and Keyword
  • Enhanced Attorney Profiles and Practice areas that dynamically load in features such as related news, speaking engagements and related practices.
  • Diversity Priority Integration for featured attorney section on home page


AlvaradoSmith is a superior combination of both, a highly skilled and diverse firm. For the brand, we wanted to lead with the issue of quality, and overlay just the right amount of the minority/diversity message to ensure the prospect companies can’t miss it, without risking alienating the general prospects who just want a great lawyer and don’t care about his/her ethnicity or background.

AlvaradoSmith punches above its weight, skillfully handling sizable cases and deals for big companies like Shell Oil and Northrup Grumman.  We wanted to emphasize the big-name companies and big-dollar matters to prove their skills, and overlay some Hispanic marketing to reinforce that aspect of their message.


We wanted the brand to convey both quality and diversity.

Quality. We provide the highest-quality legal work and get the job done efficiently. And we proved it using actual examples of some of our cases and deals that any prominent large firm would be proud to showcase. For example, the firm does some of Shell Oil’s biggest deals, like selling a California oil refinery for $1 billion. We later sold a total of 1,900 separate stations for a total of $2 billion.

Diversity. We’re California’s largest, full-service, minority-owned law firm.

The tag line tells both stories―“Excellence in practice. Diversity in people.” And the headlines and visuals convey the range of diversity, showing their professionals near headlines like “Diverse Perspective,” “Diverse Thinking,” “Diverse Experience,” and “Diverse Approach.”

The eclectic artwork throughout the website was by Ray Alvarado, a prominent artist, whose work is displayed prominently around the firm.