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Develop a brand for a 40-lawyer New Orleans law firm, specializing in oil and gas, admiralty / maritime, litigation, and other areas.



Gordon Arata, a bold first-generation New Orleans-based litigation and oil-and-gas focused law firm merged with Montgomery Barnett, a conservative admiralty and maritime firm founded in 1892.  Merging diverse practices and cultures, the new firm needed to build a brand and website that told their new combined story.

Their targets are both the rambunctious jeans and steel-toed-boots guys in the rowdy oil and gas industry, as well as conservative, British Lloyd’s of London insurance lawyers. This meant we’d need to be very careful to strike a tone that could work across markets.


Logo Design
Web Design


WordPress Web Site Features

  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns
  • Responsive Design for Mobile/Tablets
  • Fishman Marketing’s Legal Platform
  • Searchable Attorney Database by Office, Admissions, Practice Area, Name and Keyword
  • Enhanced Attorney Profiles and Practice areas that dynamically load in features such as related news, speaking engagements, and related practices.



We designed a logo that showed a respect for both firms, focusing on the street name, “Gordon Arata.” Though “Montgomery Barnett” was smaller and underneath, it was in a bold lime green that still drew attention.

We wanted the brand imagery to primarily convey that we’re market leaders in our primary industries (oil and gas and admiralty / maritime), and are a full-service firm that handles both litigation and transactional work. We also wanted to ensure our energy-industry targets saw that we had an office in Texas. The beautiful home page uses split-screen images to show the different aspects of the firm, i.e. Land & Sea, Trials & Deals, Tried & True, Louisiana & Texas.