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Williams Parker

By May 22, 2012 No Comments

Williams Parker is a highly skilled law firm with one of central Florida’s leading tax and estate-planning practices. Among the oldest and largest law firms based in Sarasota, its target clients were affluent retirees who supported Sarasota’s vibrant cultural and arts scene.

Following a detailed intake process to identify the firm’s unique style, we redesigned the firm’s logo and message.  Working closely with the firm’s outstanding Marketing Director, we conveyed the brand using theater-oriented imagery which included print advertising, direct mail, improved signage, aggressive public relations, and an overhauled website.

The “Art of Law” campaign was the first creative marketing undertaken by a Sarasota law firm. The aggressive launch shook up the market, created overwhelming buzz with the legal, arts, and business communities,  and solidified the firm’s position as the region’s leading law firm.

TEXT: “From the opening act to the last. It’s never over until it’s over. That’s why you should trust Williams Parker lawyers, the largest and oldest firm in Sarasota. With more lawyers and more experience, we protect you, your business, and your family. And ensure you remain financially secure from the opening act until… well, you know.”