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White O’Connor

By February 15, 2012 No Comments

A high-end, very creative litigation boutique specializing in the entertainment industry.


Increase visibility and name recognition in the creative, Los Angeles-based, entertainment industry-oriented litigation boutique.


White O’Connor Fink & Brenner is a litigation boutique specializing in the entertainment industry.  Arguably the industry’s leading firm, their lawyers have extensive experience defending and prosecuting cases involving entertainment-related issues like, First Amendment (including defamation and invasion-of-privacy claims), parody/satire, copying, idea-submission, Fair Use, media-related torts, real estate, copyright, trademark, antitrust, class actions and other complicated commercial disputes.

For example, they defended HBO and Chris Rock when they got sued by a woman who said she pitched the idea for the movie to Chris who later stole her idea (called an “idea submission” case), and made his new “Good Hair” movie without paying her for the idea.  She wanted to stop the release of his movie. White O’Connor won so it hit theaters on schedule.

They represent all the major movie studios (e.g. Paramount or Warner Bros.), all the TV networks (e.g. CBS, NBC, Fox), large production companies, distributors, and others in the industry, as well as some individuals, like directors (e.g. John Langley of “Cops,”).  Other clients include, e.g. MTV, Disney, MGM, ABC, and Viacom.

The firm often wins tough, high-risk business lawsuits. To protect their clients, they go to trial more often than most firms ten times their size, although they are also skilled in resolving most disputes before trial.

They are a VERY creative firm.  Their office décor looks nothing like a law firm. No square offices, everything is oddly shaped, on purpose — no two offices are the same size or shape. It’s all white, very bright, and looks more creative, almost like a media company.  There’s a rock garden in the lobby. Lawyers wear rock concert t-shirts, shorts sometimes, Hawaiian shirts on Friday, and blast their stereos.

What are we saying to them?

The basic message is that White O’Connor is a high-end litigation boutique that knows the ins and outs of the entertainment industry. The firms’ clients come to them to resolve a dispute – they’re looking for a solution to that problem, a prompt end to the dispute.

We worked closely with Jean Jewell, the firm’s outstanding administrator.  Our integrated “Better Endings” campaign included a logo and tag line, plus a new website, print ads, giveaways, and public relations campaign.